Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • While purchasing any product from this website any employees working with Omedication limited not include any type of liabilities.
  • Before using the generic medicine from our website one should always consult a general physician. It is most important that consulting a doctor disclose every situation and medical history so that you can get the best medication treatment for your problem.
  • The picture that is available in the product description for a certain product is only for reference purposes. It may differ from product to product in person.
  • Price for products is mentioned in USD and it may change from time to time at the discretion of the seller.
  • Omedication.com reserves the right to cancel an order as well as refuse custom to any buyer without having to give prior notice to do the same. In case, if you had already placed the order, we will refund full money.

Omedication offers ultimate confidentially to all clients by protecting each one of your privacy.  Each buyer who purchases medicine from our website is encouraged to sign up for their own account with the name and address. The account will also have the sipping address saved along with the payment selected by the buyer.  At the time of sighing up, the account is verified by sending a confirmation mail to the given email address.


At Omedication the personal information of the client that we collect never disclose to a third party or any outside party for marketing and other purposes. The data that you are putting in your personal field is secured by SSL encryption so it is impossible for anyone to swoop in or steal.  Data such as card information are saved in the database and are not usually stored in the website database, thus ensuring 100% safety for the customer.

Shipping orders and policy:

In the shipping process, we include shipping fees for every order placed. The shipping fee depends on the weight of the order placed. The order that you have placed takes a 12 day time to reach and should be ordered while keeping this timeline in view.

Shipping address:

The address placed in the last order made through Omedication shall be considered as the default address. This address can be changed at the time of the checkout as there is an option which confirms the shipping address. The address at which the order needs to be delivered changes the entire order and the timeline of the order.

Delays because of the custom:

ABC limited does not hold any responsibility for the delay in the order if it has been made from your end by the government of your country. In case the order is not received within 7 days after the delay, a reshipment or refund is made from our end if reported.