Privacy policy:

The privacy policy offered by Omedication Ltd. show how to use, collect the information, and the steps we ensure to secure the personal information of the customers. As soon as you visit our website, you accept the term and conditions which also includes the privacy policies offered by our ABC limited.

Collection of information:

There are many reasons for collecting personal data of the customers.  One of the foremost reasons is by collecting information helps us in providing a meaningful efficient and customized experience to our customers. Personal information of the clients helps us in providing good user experiences to our clients. Along with that, this also prevents them to repeat the same piece of information again and again.

Ordering and Registration:

While placing an order you should fill the online registration form once this provides us information in detail.  In case, you have not registered, the website usually prompts you to register one at the time of the checkout. Information regarding personal information of the client as well as the name of the country which customizes the laws that applies to you.

 Personal information is also required in many cases as well as used to communicate at the time of an issue.

Email address:

A subscription is made using an email address that is used to notify the customers of certain product availability.

Cookies and other technologies:

The website uses cookies which help in navigating the website better while making it faster at the same time.

Age :

The website does not allow children to access the website and usually asks for the age before saving the personal information of the client. Any person with an age under 18 is not allowed to buy from the website.

Product reviews:

There is an option available where a buyer can submit a product review. Any reviews will be identified by the email address which will be seen and accessed by other users on the website. Sometimes a useful tip can be shared by a buyer without having to disclose their personal information. This may further be used by other viewers as pro tips.